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                Ningbo Beautex IndustrialCo., LTD.was established in 2001. we arespecialized in producing and selling all kinds of accessories and tailoringmaterial.
                Our main products include all kinds of Thread, Zipper & Slider, Ribbon,Tape, Button, Lace & Trimming, Lining, Fabric and all other accessories more than 3000 items.
                In order to guarantee good quality, keep competitive price, we established our own factory as follows: Ningbo Fujitex Textile Corperation. (Thread) Ningbo TTK zipper Co. LTD.
                Also, with more than 17 years experience, we have one professional team with 40 trade staff to offer you our best service, such as smooth communication, good control on production, and fast shipment etc...

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                Technical team

                Technical team

                • TONY CHOU marketing manager
                • DING  Quality Controller
                • CAMY  XIAO  Quality Controller
                • JOAN HU   sales manager
                • LILY FAN  sales manager
                • SWALLOW MA  sales manager
                • TRACY LI sales manager

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                8:00 - 18:00

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